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General Policy

  • All SBC products are warranted by Sovereignty Bike Company to be free from any defects in workmanship and materials.

  • This warranty is for the original purchaser and owner of the SBC product only.

  • If the SBC product includes a warranty card, it must be returned or registered online within fourteen (14) days of purchase.

  • Normal wear, neglect, improper use, improper assembly or general product abuse is not covered.

  • Cost of shipping the product back to Sovereignty Bike Company and any labor charges incurred are not covered. However, SBC will cover shipping costs of the replacement item back to you.

  • Please contact Sovereignty Bike Company with any problems you are having with our product(s), even if you do not think it is covered under this warranty policy. We will do our best to take care of any issue you are having with our products.

Complete Bikes

  • One (1) year FRAME warranty against material defects, workmanship defects, breaks, and cracks. Complete bikes are designed for different level riders, therefore the technology and components used may vary between models. We offer this warranty to assure you we stand behind all of our products and that they are built with the best materials and workmanship possible.

  • Regardless of the place of purchase, your bike must be assembled by a qualified bike shop. Assembling a Sovereignty Bike Company bike yourself, could void all warranty coverage. Your bike will come semi-assembled for shipping only. All parts pre-assembled are not properly adjusted for riding and must be checked over and adjusted by a qualified bike shop or technician. We also strongly recommend that ongoing maintenance and/or upgrades are done by a qualified bike shop or technician.

  • Issues that are not covered after being built by a reputable bike shop include; stripped threads and/or rounded nuts, bent dropouts, bent axles, tires, tubes, grips, minor paint and cosmetic finishes, dents, rider abuse, misuse, neglect, or improper maintenance. The rider is also responsible for purchasing a bike appropriate to their riding level.

Product Warning

  • Use Sovereignty Bike Company products at your own risk. These products have been engineered and manufactured using the best materials and workmanship available and are intended to be used by an experienced bicycle rider. These products are to be installed or assembled by an experienced bicycle technician or mechanic and used only in the manner intended by the bicycle manufacturer. Be sure to follow any enclosed instructions when installing SBC products. Do not use this product if defective or damaged. The purchaser or user assumes all risks associated with the use of this product and is responsible for purchasing the correct product(s) for their riding ability.


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